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Wheelchair adjustable gas spring suppliers Judge the quality The quality of a gas spring to judge the merits of the main aspects from the following considerations: First, its sealing, if the seal is not good in the course of the use of oil spills, leaks and other phenomena; followed by accuracy, such as the need 500N Gas springs, and some manufacturers produce the power error of not more than 2N, and some manufacturers of products may be the actual needs of the 500N difference far; once again life, its life can be fully extended the number of calculations; the last is in the The force in the stroke changes, the ideal state of the gas spring should be in the entire trip force values remain unchanged. However, due to design and processing factors, making the gas spring force in the trip will inevitably change. And the magnitude of its change is a measure of a gas spring quality of the important criteria of a good ring, the smaller the range of changes, indicating that the better the quality of gas springs, otherwise the worse!

wheel chair lockable gas spring

Wheel chair when be put down

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