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toolbox gas spring factory We are the factory that supply lockable gas spring for toolbox. The advantages of our lockable gas springs are their speed and their unique damping properties, which allow heavy medical beds lift easily.

What is gas spring?
A gas spring is a type of spring that, unlike a typical metal spring, uses a compressed gas, contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston, to exert a force.
About our product:
We are specialized in gas springs for different applications, including for automobiles, machinery, furniture, medical use, aerospace and outdoor use,etc. we also provide products for special applications according to the customers’ requirement. 
Features and advantages: 
          high quality;
          wide application;
          long service life;
          stable pressure;
          easy installation and operation;
          safe and reliable;

we have more than 10 years of export experiment and specialized in gas springs, and looking forward to establish business relations with you!

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