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1、Product name:  lockable gas strut

2、Introduction: We have lockable gas strut factory producing compression gas spring,locking gas spring, tension gas spring,stainless steel gas spring, etc. 

3、Application :Gas springs are used in covers,auto,medical beds.doors,etc.

4、 Color:  silver/ black / others

5、 Connector:ball connector/metal eye/clevis and so on

6 、 Features and advantages: 
          1.High quality;
          2.Wide application;
          3.Long service life;
          4.Stable pressure;
          5.Easy installation and operation;
          6.Safe and reliable;
          7.Free Samples

7、 Delivery time:15 days

8、Packing :  safety & waterproof

9、Main Market: Europe American

10、Price: $1~ $ 4

Our company has more than 10 years of export experiment. We are specialized in gas springs, and looking forward to establish business relations with you!
Weclome to contact with us : sale@gas-springs.cn   hxlspring@gmail.com

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