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1 Die locking gas spring In the gas spring , the oil and air is isolated , the mainly application is angle or height adjustment for automobile seats and the medical beds etc. This type gas strut has strong locking strength, usually above 2000N.We custom made the gas spring according to your drawing.There are two type die locking,extended direction die locking ,and compressed direction die locking. 2 Elastic locking gas spring In this type gas spring, the oil and gas are mixed. The adjustive angle is bigger than the oil-gas isolated spring. So the type spring have widely application.The locking strength is about 3 tims as F1 force.(both direction locking,extended direction and compressed direction) Tell us the extended length and stroke length,we give advice to you.moreover,we can custom made the extending speed,and button length as your requirements..


1、 Product name:  gas spring and lockable gas spring
2、 Quality: 180,000 times -passed TUV fatigue test
3、Application : medical bed, mechanical equipment, automobile, furniture, aerospace and outdoor use,etc.
4、Material:steel / ss304 / ss316
5、Color:  silver/ black / others
6、Connector:ball connector/metal eye/clevis and so on
7、Advantage :
              1. pass 180,000 times fatigue times
              2. Sample is free
              3. reasonable price
              4. Fast delivery time               
              5. custom size
8、 Delivery time:15 days
9、 Capacity: 200000pcs/ month
10、Packing :  safety & waterproof
11、Main Market: Europe American
12、Price: $1~ $ 4

What is gas spring?
A gas spring is a type of spring that, unlike a typical metal spring, uses a compressed gas, contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston, to exert a force.
About our product:
We are specialized in gas springs for different applications, including for automobiles, machinery, furniture, medical use, aerospace and outdoor use,etc. we also provide products for special applications according to the customers’ requirement. 
Features and advantages: 
          high quality;
          wide application;
          long service life;
          stable pressure;
          easy installation and operation;
          safe and reliable;

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