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We are the gas spring factory that produce compression gas spring,locking gas spring, tension gas spring,stainless steel gas spring, etc. Gas springs are used everywhere and in innumerable assemblies. Our gas spring is widely used in automotive, furniture, computers, fitness equipment, textiles, printing, motorcycles, food, tobacco, woodworking and other machinery,etc.

b>Our Product Feature</b>
1) Easy open system, open with light power
2) Small in size, with a large load
3) Neat. More available space, can be set freely
4) Soft Closing, without any noise
5) Smooth and easy operation (No mechanical friction is made and noise and shock during)
6) Safe and easy installation
7) Reasonable price, excellent quality, delivery soon, good service


Our company has more than 10 years of export experiment.We are specialized in making gas springs, and looking forward to establish business relations with you!
Weclome to contact with us :
sale@gas-springs.cn hxlspring@gmail.com

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