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We are gas spring damper factory and supply gas damper from factory sale. Our dampers are widely used in doors,covers,the automotive and medical equipment, which is characterized by resistance to change with the speed of operation. It can obviously act as a buffer for the speed of the connected mechanism. The gas spring force changes with the speed of movement, which is the most feature of a gas damper. We provide dampers to the following specifications;
·Stroke lengths from 2” to 8” of stroke
·Extended lengths from 7.5” to 20”
·Load capacity from 10 to 150 lbs.
A wide variety of speed characteristics to meet your application needs
All dampers are custom built. Please contact us  for your specially made damper. we have more than 10 years of export experiment and specialized in gas springs, and looking forward to establish business relations with you! Weclome to contact with us : sale@gas-springs.cn hxlspring@gmail.com

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