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gas spring calculator

In simpler cases, the required gas spring F1 force may be calculated by entering relevant values into the following formula:

F1 = (G x L) / (W x n) + 10 - 15% margin of error


F1 = Gas spring force in Newton
G = Gravitational pull in Newton of  the moving part
C = Connection point on the moving part
D = Connection point on the fixed part
E = Swivel point
S = Centre of gravity
L = Horizontal distance from E to S in open position
W = Smallest distance to E
n = Number of gas springs


1、 Product name:  gas spring and lockable gas spring
2、 Quality: 180,000 times -passed TUV fatigue test
3、Application : medical bed, mechanical equipment, automobile, furniture, aerospace and outdoor use,etc.
4、Material:steel / ss304 / ss316
5、Color:  silver/ black / others
6、Connector:ball connector/metal eye/clevis and so on
7、Advantage :
              1. pass 180,000 times fatigue times
              2. Sample is free
              3. reasonable price
              4. Fast delivery time               
              5. custom size
8、 Delivery time:15 days
9、 Capacity: 200000pcs/ month
10、Packing :  safety & waterproof
11、Main Market: Europe American
12、Price: $1~ $ 4

What is gas spring?

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