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Gas dampers provide speed and motion control using hydraulic oil damping in either extension, compression, or both directions instead of providing force with nitrogen gas. Their look and outer design is identical to standard gas springs, so the intended function and purpose is what determines when a gas damper is needed instead of a gas spring.
The types of applications that gas dampers are most commonly used in are doors, covers, lids,or any other object that is needed to move more slowly in a certain direction. For example, dampers can be deployed for slam prevention and speed control in the lowering of a hospital bed side rail system or to slow the opening of a maintenance cover on an ATM, electronic gaming machine, or other electronic consoles.

Gas Spring Damper Design

We provide dampers to the following specificationsWe also can provide dampers according the customers requirement.

  • Stroke lengths from 30mm to 300mm of stroke  
  • Extended lengths from 150mm  to 1000mm
  • Load capacity from 30N  to 1000N
  • Rod/cylinder(out diameter):  6/15mm,  8/18mm, 10/22mm, 12/26mm
  • A wide variety of speed characteristics to meet your application needs

All dampers can be custom made, and we will provide free samples.

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